Introducing Materialize

Anirudh Prabhu; Aravind Shenoy

This concise step-by-step guide includes the best practices and patterns that help readers of all levels to unearth the potential of Materialize. A responsive framework based on Google's innovative Material.

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Design language, Materialize provides CSS and JavaScript features similar to other popular frameworks such as Bootstrap and Foundation.With the advent of Material Design, developers can no longer overlook its importance and resourcefulness in web design and development. However, incorporating this toolkit in the web application can be quite a juggle. Compared to other design languages available in the market today, Materialize is the only one that adds depth and motion to its application elements.Ideal for web designers and developers, Introducing Materialize is your comprehensive training guide to the newest design language you need to learn. What You'll Learn Learn why Materialize is so popular and resourcefulGet up and Running with this awesome toolkitQuick start with Materialize and creating unique designsDownloading and Installing the frameworkGet a grip on the fundamentals of Material DesignGather comprehensive knowledge about the framework Unearth the potential of this framework for real time implementationWho This Book Is For Ideal for web developers and designers with good experience of UI technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery. This book does not require prior experience of any responsive framework. It caters to readers on all levels ranging from beginners to experienced professionals.