American Government: Stories of a Nation: For the AP Course

Abernathy, Scott,Waples, Karen
Bedford/St. Martin's

This new offering from AP(R) teacher Karen Waples and college professor Scott Abernathy is tailor-made to help teachers and students transition to the redesigned AP(R) U. S. Government and Politics course..

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Carefully aligned to the course framework, this brief book is loaded with instructional tools to help you and your students meet the demands of the new course, such as integrated skills instruction, coverage of required cases and documents, public policy threaded throughout the book, and AP(R) practice after every chapter and unit, all in a simple organization that will ease your course planning and save you time.We've got you covered!With a program specifically tailored for the new AP(R) framework and exam.With a brief student edition that students will read and enjoy.With pedagogy and features that prepare students for the AP(R) exam like no other book on the market.With a teacher edition and resources that save you time in transitioning to the new course.With professional development to help you transition your instruction.