Business Information Systems : Analysis, Design and Practice.


This book aims to equip those in or entering business to assess the opportunities limitations and major issues surrounding modern business information systems and to appreciate the way that information.

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systems can aid the realization of business objectives. This book provides students with: ULULLIgood technical coverage /LILIaccessible coverage for bothbusiness students and computing students /LILIinteresting case studies including a running case throughout the systems development chapters showingreal world application of ideas and technologies /LILIEuropeancontext and examples /LILIPowerPoint slides and additional test questions for Lecturersonline. /LI/UL/UL New to this edition? ULULLIChapters 10-15 on Systems Development Analysis and Design have been replaced by new chapters taking an object oriented approach. The structured approach is still summarised in chapter 16 and the contentfrom the previous editionis included in full online in the Companion Website. /LILICase studies questions and activitieshave been updated throughout. /LILIAn introduction or increased focus on current topics such as globalisation agile methods E-Business security and trust off the shelf solutions CRM legacy systems integration business intelligence data warehousing and data mining. /LI/UL/UL