Designing the European Union

edited by Finn Laursen, Professor of Political Science and Canada Research Chair in European Union Studies, Director of the EU Centre of Excellence (EUCE), Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada

The International Place Branding Yearbook 2012: Managing Smart Growth and Sustainability is the third annual volume in the Yearbook series and looks at the case for applying brand and marketing strategies.

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to the economic, social, political and cultural development of cities, towns and regions around the world to help them compete in global, national and local markets. This edition focuses on sustainability, smart growth and place branding. It uses the definition of smart growth as the capability of, first, making appropriate judgments according to the relevant performance measures, which lie in the overlap of three factors: efficiency (doing things right), equity (doing the right things) and effectiveness (doing the right things right); and, second, to configure the variables appropriately i.e., to 'getting it all together' in a balancedcentric manner, a priority for future city branding This volume provides various disciplinary perspectives for mapping ways to lead place branding toward the smart growth paradigm designed to build performance, guided by sustainable values, cultural identity and social inclusive strategies. This Yearbook also underlines the importance of cities not only as the source of around 80 per cent of carbon dioxide emissions, but importantly as ecologicallyrejuvenated brands. The International Place Branding Yearbook 2012: - will improve understanding of place branding not only as multiactor and multisector, but increasingly as a multilayered process; - provides a city typology affording the potential development path for defining brand value propositioning; - interprets the critiques about production and consumption entangled in place brands, including accusations questioning their usefulness and viability.