Sexual Politics, Sexual Communities : Second Edition

John D'Emilio

With thorough documentation of the oppression of homosexuals and biographical sketches of the lesbian and gay heroes who helped the contemporary gay culture to emerge, Sexual Politics, Sexual Communities.

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supplies the definitive analysis of the homophile movement in the U.S. from 1940 to 1970. John D'Emilio's new preface and afterword examine the conditions that shaped the book and the growth of gay and lesbian historical literature. How many students of American political culture know that during the McCarthy era more people lost their jobs for being alleged homosexuals than for being Communists? . . . These facts are part of the heretofore obscure history of homosexuality in America--a history that John D'Emilio thoroughly documents in this important book.--George DeStefano, Nation John D'Emilio provides homosexual political struggles with something that every movement requires--a sympathetic history rendered in a dispassionate voice.--New York Times Book Review A milestone in the history of the American gay movement.--Rudy Kikel, Boston Globe