The Aesthetics of Visual Poetry, 1914-1928

University of Chicago Press
University of Chicago Press

In this, the only full-length study of the visual poetry of the early twentieth century, Willard Bohn expertly illuminates the works of Apollinaire, Josep-Maria Junow, Guillermo de Torre, and others. His.

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fascinating aesthetic insights bring to life this elusive and often misunderstood genre. An important contribution. Highly sophisticated, the study tends to raise its reader's impression of visual poetry in the twentieth century from trivial pastime to serious preoccupation.--Eric Sellin, Journal of Modern Literature With his definitive analyses full of quotable observations and sharp critical insights, Bohn has provided a model, pioneering study, one from which current and future studies of visual poetry will most certainly benefit.--Gerald J. Janacek, Romance Quarterly Bohn substantiates his thesis with thoughtful and often ingenious explications of texts both well known and hard to find. . . . Aesthetics of Visual Poetry is a thoroughly researched, beautifully written and fascinating introduction to an infinitely intriguing genre.--Mechthild Cranston, French Review