Symbols, Selves, and Social Reality : A Symbolic Interactionist Approach to Social Psychology and Sociology

Dean of the College of Arts Humanities and Social Sciences Kent L Sandstrom; Associate Professor of Sociology Kathryn J Lively; Professor of Sociology Daniel D Martin
Oxford University Press, USA

The fourth edition of Symbols, Selves, and Social Reality provides students with a succinct, engaging, and affordable introduction to symbolic interactionism--the perspective that social reality is created,.

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negotiated, and changed through the process of social interaction. Focusing on how elements of race and gender affect identity, the authors use real-world examples to discuss the personal significance of symbolic interactionism, its expanding theoretical scope, and its relationship to other prominent perspectives in sociology and social psychology. They skillfully cover empirical research topics that are inherently interesting to students, such as the dynamics of self-development, impression management, identity transformation, gender play, rumor transmission, and collective action.