Intellectual property law and practice in Israel

Eran Liss and Dan Adin
Oxford University Press

Israel is home to many high-tech operations, particularly in the pharmaceutical and internet industries, for which intellectual property is a key asset. It also continues to attract significant amounts.

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of venture capital-particularly from the United States-for new IP-oriented ventures, all of which has created a demand for information on the IP laws and practices of the country. Intellectual Property Law and Practice in Israel provides a comprehensive overview of Israeli intellectual property laws and an in-depth analysis of the pertinent case law. It covers the areas of patents, trademarks, industrial designs, copyright, and related rights. In addition, it includes specialized industry chapters on major information technology issues (covering unique patents, trademarks, copyright and privacy issues related to the internet), and unique topics in the pharmaceutical industry. Intellectual Property Law and Practice in Israel was cited by Justice Meltzer in C.A. 1611/07 Micha Danziger et al v. Shmuel Mor (Israeli Supreme Court, 2012).