Introduction to Logic

Professor of Philosophy Paul Herrick
Oxford University Press, USA

With clear explanations and many contemporary examples drawn from popular culture and everyday life, author Paul Herrick untangles the complexities of logical theory in Introduction to Logic. Offering a unique combination of two approaches--the historical and the technical--he presents logic as both a fascinating, evolving story and a body of essential technical information with applications to every area of human thought. Perfectly suited for use in any introductory logic course, Introduction to Logic is also tailored to the online logic course Philosophy 106, available as part of the Open Course Library at Jointly sponsored by the Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Open Course Library offers instructors complete, expertly developed online courses in eighty essential college subjects--including the logic class developed by Paul Herrick and his colleague Mark Storey--all available to faculty at no charge. SUPPLEMENTS: * An Instructor's Resource CD (978-0-19-989052-1) contains brief chapter summaries, answers to all of the questions in the text, additional questions and exercises to use on quizzes and exams, and a PowerPoint presentation that covers the entire book. * A Companion Website at provides extra resources for teachers and students, including a Teacher's Manual, Student Manual, and practice quizzes with answers on all key topics. * An additional online resource at offers additional practice quizzes, material for extra-credit assignments, and further information on the nature and history of logic.