Orbital Mechanics

Professor Emeritus of Aerospace Engineering John E Prussing; Professor of Aerospace Engineering Bruce A Conway
Oxford University Press, USA

For nearly two decades, Orbital Mechanics by John E. Prussing and Bruce A. Conway has been the most authoritative textbook on space trajectories and orbital transfers. Completely revised and updated, this.

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edition provides: * Current data and statistics, along with coverage of new research and the most recent developments in the field * Three new chapters: "The Three-Body Problem" (Ch. 4), "Continuous-Thrust Transfer" (Ch. 8), and "Canonical Systems and the Lagrange Equations" (Ch. 12) * New material on multiple-revolution Lambert solutions, gravity-assist applications, and the state transition matrix for a general conic orbit * New examples and problems throughout * A new Companion Website with PowerPoint slides (www.oup.com/us/prussing)