Life Without Parole : Living and Dying in Prison Today

Victor Hassine; Robert Johnson; Sonia Tabriz
Oxford University Press, USA

In 1981, Victor Hassine went to prison. In 2008, he died there. This edition of Hassine's Life Without Parole is no longer just an account of life in confinement; it is the story of life and death behind.

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bars. Revised and updated throughout, the fifth edition includes: A new title. In honor of Hassine's legacy, editors Robert Johnson and Sonia Tabriz have given the fifth edition a new subtitle--Living and Dying in Prison Today. A new format. To create a more fluid narrative, the editors have restructured Hassine's writings to offer a seamless chronicle of his life and death in prison. New stories. To better convey Hassine's journey, the editors have added three of Hassine's original works of fiction. A new beginning and ending. The editors have replaced chapter introductions with two new essays bookending Hassine's text, offering insights that complement Hassine's own perceptions. A new appendix. Editors Robert Johnson and Sonia Tabriz examine the latest developments in the field of penology.