Individual Placement and Support : An Evidence-Based Approach to Supported Employment

Andrew Thomson Jr Professor of Psychiatry and of Community and Family Medicine Director Robert E Drake; Professor Gary R Bond; Research Assistant Professor of Community and Family Medicine and Psychiatry Director Deborah R Becker

Employment is the highest priority for many people with severe mental illness and it is a central aspect of recovery. Over the past two decades, the Individual Placement and Support (IPS) model of supported.

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employment has emerged as the prominent evidence-based approach to vocational rehabilitation. This comprehensive monograph synthesizes the research and experience on IPS supported employment: historical context, core principles, effectiveness, long-term outcomes, non-vocational outcomes, cost-effectiveness, generalizability, fidelity, implementation, policy, and future research. A collaboration of the top researchers in the area, this book will have broad appeal to professionals and researchers working with populations with psychiatric disabilities and in community mental health and social service settings. In tracing the evolution of IPS, readers are equipped with an elegant example of the transition from needs assessment, to model development, to testing, and to dissemination.