Human Development in an Unequal World


This book is about the human development paradigm that is assuming renewed importance at a time when global dialogue is preoccupied with discussing pathways for achieving the 2030 agenda of the Sustainable.

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Development Goals. It deals with the concepts of human development in an unequal world and examines a range of issues of contemporary relevance such as social sectors, poverty, gender inequality, social exclusion, and sustainability. It argues for a paradigmatic shift in analysis, policy, and methodology towards a people-centered approach rooted in human flourishing and freedoms. The expansive lexicon of the human development approach is discussed in a succinct and integrated manner. The ten chapters of the book weave together the numerous concepts, methods, and evidence. The comprehensive coverage and the integrated framework presented will enable readers across the globe to arrive at a thorough understanding of the human development approach and apply these frameworks in development practice with a fresh and more relevant perspective.