Conflict Resolution for the Helping Professions : Negotiation, Mediation, Advocacy, Facilitation, and Restorative Justice

Professor Social Work Allan Barsky
Oxford University Press, USA

When people think of conflict, they often think of fights, wars, arguments, hot tempers, and hurtful consequences. Conflict Resolution for the Helping Professions provides helping professionals with the.

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theory, strategies, and skills they need to deal with conflict in a manner that is respectful, collaborative, and constructive. This text illustrates how helping professionals can incorporate evidence-based models of conflict resolution to work more effectively and enjoyably with clients, coworkers, supervisors, and others. Practitioners will learn how to respond effectively when others use power, positions, and competition. Whereas many conflict resolution texts focus on one method or approach to practice, this textbook provides practitioners with various models that they can incorporate in their roles as negotiators, counselors, mediators, facilitators, advocates, and peacebuilders. Special features of this book include: - Case illustrations that connect theory to practice in fields such as criminal justice, family disputes, health, mental health, education, and public policy.- Role-play exercises that provide opportunities to link self-awareness. - Step-by-step guides to implementing various approaches to negotiation, mediation, and advocacy.- New and emerging forms of conflict resolution, including online dispute resolution, conflict coaching, and parenting coordination. - Preparation tools that allow practitioners to assess conflict situations and determine the best strategies and approaches for managing conflict.- Strategies for enhancing mindfulness, enabling practitioners to respond to conflict in a deliberate, kind, nonjudgmental, peaceful, assertive, and effective manner.