Understanding Strategic Management


Designed specifically for modules taught over one semester, this new textbook covers all the core topics of Strategic Management in 12 manageable chapters. This succinct textbook takes students through.

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all the key stages of Strategic Management: Analysis, Formulation, and Implementation, with an emphasis on providing students with the tools of analysis essential for understanding the competitive and internal environments that organisations face. Classic subjects such as Industry Analysis and Strategic Leadership are thoroughly investigated, as well as contemporary ideas on Corporate Governance and Globalization. Understanding Strategic Management is a student-friendly introduction to the subject, packed with real life applications which clearly illustrate complex theoretical concepts. The user-friendly writing style helps students engage more readily with the material, so they can grasp complex strategic concepts quickly and easily. Online Resource Centre The Online Resource Centre accompanying this text provides all the teaching and learning materials needed to support each chapter, removing the need for lecturers to look for additional seminar and test materials, and giving students the resources they need to check and build upon their understanding. Seminar activities can be based around the additional online case studies with suggested answers, whilst a suite of video clips matching the core concepts explored in the book help bring the subject to life and add a useful teaching tool to the textbook package. Additional explanations on topics from the book are included on the website, providing detailed discussions and in-depth explanations if needed, without detracting from the accessible writing style and unduly increasing the length of the book. Students' progress and understanding can be tracked using an online Test Bank of 240 questions offering immediate answers that can be customised and loaded on to the university's VLE. Students can test themselves using online multiple choice questions with feedback and internet exercises which build on the analysis in each chapter. A 'Skills Box' of resources, weblinks to useful journals and organisations, and abstracts of key articles provides a quick resource for further research.