Cassese's International Law

Gaeta, Paola,Vi´┐Żuales, Jorge E.,Zappal´┐Ż, Salvatore
Oxford University Press

Cassese's International Law is a new edition of an established classic. Authors Gaeta, Viuales, and Zappal have built on the legacy of international law luminary Antonio Cassese to offer a thought-provoking.

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and lucid account for today's undergraduates and postgraduates. The authors have refreshed Cassese's original approach, ensuring the book continues to compare the traditional legal position with the developing and evolving law. Advancing areas such as the law of the sea, territorial matters, and international environmental law have been expanded to give proper place to their evolving development, while brand new chapters on international trade and foreign investment have been written to reflect the advancements of these areas. In maintaining the broad structure and approach but providing new material, the authors bring fresh context to Cassese's thinking and provide students with an up-to-date, compelling account of the landscape of international legal thinking.