The Psychology of Criminal and Violent Behaviour

Lyon, David R.,Welsh, Andrew
Oxford University Press

This indispensable introduction to the psychological theories of criminality and violence examines how both psychology and biology play a role in understanding what may drive individuals to commit crime..

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Drawing on relevant research, real-world examples, and gripping case studies, The Psychology of Criminal and Violent Behaviour applies theory to provide deep insight into criminal behaviour. FEATURES A theoretical approach helps students identify and understand key psychological theories and concepts Accessible content: While theoretical in approach, the material is presented in a way that meets the needs of both psychology and criminology students Coverage of both psychological and biological factors on a range of topics--including reactive and instrumental violence, aggression, psychopathy, social cognition, and more--explores how and why criminal and violent behaviour occur "Researching Criminal and Violent Behaviour" boxes discuss important research and topics in the field, including the Danish adoption study, the Bobo doll experiments, the Violence Risk Appraisal Guide, attachment theory, threat/control-override symptoms, and cyberstalking Diverse case studies on such notorious figures as Phineas Gage, Charles Whitman, Richard Ramirez, the Manson Family, Karla Homolka, and Ethan Couch provide real-world examples of criminal and violent behaviour and help students apply theory to real life Chapters on homicide and interpersonal violence provide piercing insight into topics like aggression and violent behaviour, serial murder, school shootings, stalking, intimate partner violence, and sexual violence