Blackstone's Senior Investigating Officers' Handbook Fifth Edition

Regional Sio Advisor Tony Cook

Blackstone's Senior Investigating Officers' Handbook is designed specifically to meet the reference needs of any officer conducting a serious or major crime investigation. The only step-by-step guide to.

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the processes and actions involved in the role of a Senior Investigating Officer (SIO), it explains all the relevant procedures and processes integral to the role in a clear and understandable style. Now in its fifth edition, this Handbook takes the reader through all the stages incumbent in an SIO's role: decision-making and the initial response; setting up and managing an investigation; investigative strategies; policy logs, victim, family, and community management; and liaison with the media. There is also instruction on suspect and witness management, conducting 'TIE' (Trace, Investigate, and Evaluate) enquiries, child sexual exploitation and investigating sudden and unexplained infant deaths. There is an entire chapter dedicated to the subject of homicide investigation. Whether you conduct, review, or take a professional interest in serious and major crime investigation, this title will be an invaluable resource. The first practical guide to this important role, it is commonly referred to as the essential reference book in the wider SIO community (the SIO's bible) and is a highly practical tool for any SIO or prospective SIO.