Contract Law


Unfold the problem > Reveal the law > Apply to life: A uniquely practical approach to contract law. Engaging and innovative, this text uses problems and illustrations to help students quickly grasp core.

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concepts, identify relevant issues, engage with key debates, and apply their learning to real-life contexts. Unfold the problem- Each chapter starts with a problem scenario to set the law into its real world context and help students to think about the relevant issues; illustrations throughout the chapter build on the problem, developing understanding of the topic. Reveal the law- As students explore the problem, the core concepts in the subject area are clearly set out and explained to give them a thorough knowledge of the law.- 'Case in depth' boxes provide more detailed commentary on the most influential cases to enable students to understand their relevance.- 'Debates in context' boxes highlight areas of the law where commentators and academics disagree, helping students to reflect on the operation of the law and potential future changes in the law.- 'Practice in context' boxes give insight into how the law interacts with everyday life and business, prompting students to think about the reality of contracts and to give a practical grounding in the subject.- Thoroughly modern: the textbook takes account of the numerous recent developments in the subject area, seamlessly integrating coverage of the most recent developments into that of more traditional concepts. Apply to life- This fresh and distinctively practical approach allows students to see how the law operates in practical situations which they may encounter in everyday life or in business, and to think about how successfully the law does its job.- The carefully considered pedagogy thoroughout encourages deep learning to help students develop the critical analysis and problem-solving skills they need for university and beyond. Perfectly-pitched for law undergraduates, the book's contents and approach align neatly with those of the majority of contract law courses, covering all the key areas but never over-simplifying. Online resources: This book is accompanied by online resources including podcasts and videos to support your learning.