Accounting for Business 3e (Paperback)

Formerly Principal Lecturer in Accounting and Finance Peter Scott

Peter Scott's Accounting for Business provides a refreshingly clear and accessible introduction to the core accounting topics that non-specialist students need to master. A combination of supportive learning.

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features and a wealth of online resources provide the perfect package for those students getting to grips with accounting for the first time. Plentiful examples and the hallmark 'why is this relevant to me' feature highlight the relevance of accounting concepts and techniques, helping students to apply what they've learnt to real business scenarios every step of the way. The unique online workbook includes the following features for students: DT Interactive multiple choice questions for revising key topics;DT Numerical exercises for practicing the calculation of accounting information from given sets of data;DT 'Go back over this again' feature containing a mix of further examples, written exercises, true or false questions, and annotated accounting information to help consolidate learning;DT 'Show me how to do it' videos, which provide practical demonstrations of more complex accounting tasks;DT Web links to primary source material and articles, which provide further learning opportunities around companies and organizations covered in the book. The third edition is also available with Dashboard, an online learning and assessment platform which features: DT Quizzes. A test bank of over 500 ready-to-use questions, tailored specifically to Accounting for Business gives the flexibility lecturers need to manage, set and develop quizzes that are tailored perfectly to their course;- Gradebook. Automatically grades student responses to quizzes, while its visual heat maps provide at-a-glance information about student achievement and engagement;DT Course content. Additional material to support teaching, including PowerPoint slides and additional examples and solutions;DT Communication. Lecturers can share course news, spark a class discussion, or email your students with course information, all through the communication tab.