Corporate Social Responsibility


In its journey from the margins to the mainstream, corporate social responsibility has become a significant part of the business agenda. Whilst society has always held expectations of business that go beyond maximising profits, the backdrop against which businesses now operate - characterised by financial crisis, climate change, political shifts, and population growth - has seen CSR become increasingly central to the ability of businesses to address global concerns. How businesses manage the requirements of the 2016 Paris Agreement, implications of the growing 'gig economy', and the increasing importance of a CSR brand are just some of the contemporary issues explored in this fourth edition. The engaging, accessible style supports a critical perspective, while a forward-thinking outlook encourages you to consider how the interactions of business and society will continue to evolve. How emerging business models, such as Uber, are governed; why Pakistan's football manufacturing industry takes an interest in its workers' sexual health; and what it takes to establish the Global Business Coalition for Women's Economic Empowerment are just some of the new case studies that illustrate the book's global reach. With more cases and examples than any other CSR textbook, initiatives as well as failures are explored in real businesses contexts, bringing the book's comprehensive coverage to life. This book is supported by online resources. For students: Additional case study sources - useful links for where to source further case studies and examples.Further reading - a comprehensive list of research to aid research.Suggested films - a list of films that illustrate issues relevant to CSR managers.Sources on regulations and governance - links to important legislation and guidelines affecting CSRWeb exercises - links to relevant websites direct you to valuable sources of information.Journal club - links to seminal journal articles along with commentary on the paper, critical questions, and key points to consider. For lecturers: Figures and tables from the book - for use in lectures and seminars.