What does strategy mean to a Head of Ethics, Sustainability, and Governance in a globally-leading asset management company in London? How does the Chair of a not-for-profit community interest company, which supports women in Scotland to thrive in business, use learning to shape strategy? How is innovation, digitalization, and disruption viewed by the CEO of a Singaporean fintech start-up? Strategy: Theory, Practice, Implementation represents a new breed of textbook for this discipline. Developed in consultation with lecturers, students, and professionals, the book's research-driven Process-Practice Model of Strategy places implementation at its core, enabling students to develop a crystal clear understanding of how strategy operates in a culture of dynamism, adaptability, and change. The authors' wealth of teaching, research, and practitioner experience shines through in their writing as they strike the perfect balance between clarity and rigour. They expertly cover all the core areas of strategy, using carefully paced, step-by-step guidance to apply theories and models of strategy to a diverse range of examples, making the text the most practical of its kind. Moving beyond the limits of traditional texts, Strategy offers unique Practitioner Insights (and accompanying video interviews) gathered from professionals engaged in a range of strategic roles, across multiple industries and sectors worldwide, to help students grasp the complex reality of strategic management in practice. Strategy: Theory, Practice, Implementation ultimately provides students with a lively, critical, and highly practical approach to thinking, talking, and acting like a strategist. This text will inspire them and fully prepare them for their future career in business. Online resources accompaning the textbook include: For registered adopters: - A test bank - PowerPoint slides - Answers to, or guidance on, the chapter-opening case study questions in the book- A series of 'Boardroom Challenges' for use in group role play exercises / action learning simulations - Teaching notes on using the 'Boardroom Challenges' in class For students: - Video interviews with the practitioners from the Practitioner Insights, and further videos providing advice on how students can enhance their employability. - Research Insights to broaden students' perspectives of academic research and its impact on strategic thinking- Links to articles, cases, chapters, or multimedia resources to support students' further reading - Additional case studies with exercises or discussion questions - Video interviews with the authors in which they discuss key theories and implementation issues - MCQs- Guidance on how to analyse a case study - Flashcard glossary