Competition Law of the Eu and UK


Competition Law of the EU and UK is the essential introduction to competition law. Clear and accessible, without compromising on rigor, it helps students to navigate all of the technicalities of competition.

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law. With strong coverage of the economics underpinning the law, this text leads students through the complexities of competition law and helps them to understand its principles. Designed to bring the law to life, a range of learning features aid comprehension and invite students to think about the many applications of competition law. Key cases boxes provide lively discussion, and user-friendly flow charts and visual aids offer a stimulating approach to competition law, making it an ideal introduction to the subject for undergraduates and postgraduates new to this area of law. An Online Resource Centre accompanies this book and provides: Summary maps and key cases - downloadable for ease of useMultiple choice questions - to help students to self-check progress and understandingTable of OFT decisions - for quick referenceWeb links - to enable students to take their learning further