Foreign Policy : Theories, Actors, Cases

Smith, Steve
Oxford University Press, USA

This ground breaking text provides the ideal introduction to the ever-changing field of foreign policy. With a unique combination of theories, actors and cases in a single volume, the expert contributors.

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provide students with a valuable and accessible introduction to what foreign policy is and how it is conducted. With an emphasis throughout on grounding theory in empirical examples, the textbook features a section dedicated to relevant and topical case studies where foreign policy analysis approaches and theories are applied. The expert team of contributors clearly conveys the connection between international relations theory, political science, and the development of foreign policy analysis, emphasizing the key debates in the academic community. The text is accompanied by an Online Resource Centre, which provides additional resources for both lecturers and students.For students: - Expand your reading with web links organized by chapter that point you to pertinent articles and useful websites.- Test your understanding of key terms with the flashcard glossary.- Explore the evolution of foreign policy analysis by following an interactive timelineFor lecturers: - Use the adaptable PowerPoint slides as the basis for lecture presentations, or as hand-outs in class. - Find out how to use case studies in your teaching with our guide to using case studies- Use the simulation exercises to help your students explore negotiations and debates