Introduction to Politics

Professor of Politics Robert Garner
Oxford University Press, USA

Combining theory, comparative politics, and international relations, Introduction to Politics provides a perfect introduction to the study of global politics. An accessible writing style, analytical approach,.

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and a wide range of international examples to contextualize the content make it an ideal foundation for first-year politics students. As the only introductory text to cover both comparative politics and international relations, it is the most comprehensive, authoritative, and global introductory politics textbook on the market. Written by three experts in the field, the text takes a balanced approached to the subject, serving as a strong foundation for further study. The material is explored in an accessible way, but also takes an analytical approach which encourages more critical study and debate. An Online Resource Centre accompanies this text, and includes a range of resources for both students and lecturers. For students- Learn more about the people behind the theory with the "Key Thinkers" resource- Test your understanding of the chapter content and receive instant feedback with self-marking multiple-choice questions- Revise key terms and concepts with an online flashcard glossary For instructors- Encourage students to think critically with political scenario exercises- Reinforce key themes from each chapter with suggested discussion questions for use in seminars- Use the adaptable PowerPoint slides as the basis for a lecture presentation or as hand-outs in class- Save time preparing assessments and seminars with a fully updated test bank of questions