Political Research


Political Research: Methods and Practical Skills is the most comprehensive political research methods textbook available. Written especially for politics students it provides a practical and relevant approach.

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to the subject that equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to evaluate research findings and successfully carry out independent study and research. Taking a helpful step-by-step approach the authors guide the reader through the process of asking and answering research questions and the different methods used in political research providing practical advice on how to be critical and rigorous in both evaluating and conducting research. With an emphasis throughout on how research can impact important political questions and policy issues Halperin and Heath equip readers with the skills to formulate significant questions and develop meaningful and persuasive answers. An Online Resource Centre accompanies this text and includes a range of resources for both students and lecturers. For students: - Learn from real examples of actual research to see what research proposals and literature reviews look like in practice - Take your learning further with relevant web links to reliable online content related to each chapter. For registered lecturers: - Access additional case studies complete with accompanying questions for use in class or to assign as additional reading - Reinforce key themes from each chapter with suggested seminar questions and activities