Essential Skills for Science and Technology

Peter Zeegers; Kate Deller-Evans; Sandra Egege

The essential guide for any student embarking on their studies in the sciences or technology, this book introduces the core academic skills students need to learn effectively in this area and to prepare.

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them for success in their (science) university science studies. It focuses on three key skills areas: research, argumentation and critical analysis; quantitative methods; and the conventions of written and oral communication. It explains how to read scientific literature and understand its different language style, terminology, data and argument analysis, and conflicting interpretations. The book also explains how to take data from a range of sources to help student's construct-or arrive at-their own perspective on a scientific issue and how to present and communicate it in both written and oral forms. It also explains in great detail the basic laws of mathematics for the basis to learning in any branch of science and can be used as a reference tool and source. Key topics include an introduction to tertiary study, e-learning and assessment; reading scientific literature, thinking and arguing critically; writing, researching and presenting and quantitative methods including fundamental mathematics, calculus, problem solving and statistics. Focused on step-by-step skills development, this book aims to help readers become better students who are more likely to succeed in their science studies.