This volume in the Pages from History series explores the history of the Soviet Union from the eve of World War II through its collapse and the years of transition from socialism to capitalism. The Soviet.

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Union and Russia, 1939-2015: A History in Documents not only details the political chronology of changes in Soviet leadership, but also devotes significant attention to the social, economic, and cultural dimensions of everyday Soviet life. It highlights actions and decisions of the Soviet leadership while addressing popular initiatives and responses that shaped the environment in which the leadership operated. The sources--ranging from official documents and pronouncements, to clandestine opposition to the government, to artifacts of everyday life and popular culture--capture Soviet and post-Soviet life in all of its variety and complexity, challenging the stereotype of a monolithic Soviet society. Headnotes, extended captions, sidebars, introductory essays, and a robust photo program provide an essential context that frames the documents.