American Government in Black and White: Diversity and Democracy (Paperback)

Professor of Political Science Professor of Public Policy Dean of the Graduate School and Vice Provost for Graduate Education Paula D McClain; Associate Professor of Politics Steven C Tauber

American Government in Black and White: Diversity and Democracy, Fourth Edition, covers all of the standard topics found in an Introduction to American Government text while also speaking to today's students.

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who want to examine how racial inequality has shaped-and will continue to shape-who we are and what we believe. Authors Paula D. McClain and Steven C. Tauber address issues of inequality in major facets of American government, including the U.S. Constitution, key political institutions, and the making of public policy. Engaging the original voices of racial and ethnic actors in our nation's history, the text shows how to measure and evaluate the importance of equality in America, from its founding up to today.