Comparative Politics : Integrating Theories, Methods, and Cases

Grigsby Term Professor of Politics J Tyler Dickovick; Laurent Boetsch Term Professor of Sociology Jonathan Eastwood
Oxford University Press, USA

Do you ever wonder how transnational social movements get started? Or how economic development can differ so much from one country to the next? Or what the relationship might be between world religions.

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and conflict across the globe? Dickovick and Eastwood's approach to the field integrates the discussion of theories, methods, and cases in order to teach students how to become comparativists--to think about, analyze, and understand the big questions in our world today. Comparative Politics: Integrating Theories, Methods, and Cases, Third Edition, is a mainstream, thematic text that uses a systematic approach and structure to convey timely issues in current comparative politics. Chapters highlight three principle elements of comparative political analysis -- methods, theories, and evidence -- which interact to shape major questions and debates in the field. Additionally, this text looks systematically at issues of political economy, institutions, and social change. The text uses U.S. and UK political systems as a familiar jumping-off point for students while addressing other countries in the narative. Each chapter concludes with a country case study for a truly comparative approach to the content.