Student Workbook to Accompany Analysis of Tonal Music : A Schenkerian Approach

Associate Professor of Music Theory and Director of the Certificate in Music Theory Pedagogy Program Karen Bottge; Professor Emeritus of Music Theory Allen Cadwallader; Professor Emeritus of Music Theory David Gagne

Guiding students systematically through the process of analysis, this extensively revised Student Workbook complements the fourth edition of Analysis of Tonal Music: A Schenkerian Approach. It presents.

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works from a variety of instrumental settings, including four complete vocal works and excerpts from string quartets, symphonic movements, opera, chamber works, orchestral suites, sonatas and concertos, and solo piano works. Two-section chapters in Part 1 provide students with more guidance than the previous edition: Preliminaries offer a review of foundational Schenkerian terms and concepts--along with short excerpts and targeted practice exercises--while slightly lengthier excerpts for Analysis include guided tips. In Part 2, Analytical Applications (chapters 7-11), the scale of the excerpts gradually increases. Chapter 7 offers small-scale Ursatz patterns (8-20 bars); chapters 8 and 9 reinforce complete one- and two-part forms; and the final two chapters conclude with the study of ternary form and sonata process. This Student Workbook is available for separate purchase (978-0-19-0846688) or in money-saving bundles with the text. Please contact your Oxford University Press sales representative or call 800.280.0280 for details.