Analysis of Tonal Music : A Schenkerian Approach

Professor Emeritus of Music Theory Allen Cadwallader; Professor Emeritus of Music Theory David Gagne; Associate Professor of Music Theory Frank Samarotto

In this highly anticipated new edition of Analysis of Tonal Music: A Schenkerian Approach, authors Allen Cadwallader, David Gagn, and Frank Samarotto use specific, memorable compositions to explain structural.

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principles. This approach teaches students how to think about, critically examine, understand, and perform great compositions of Western art music. Part 1 covers principles fundamental to the study of Schenkerian analysis and includes discussions of melody, counterpoint, bass-line structures, the imaginary continuo, linear techniques, and the essential properties of the Ursatz (fundamental structure). Part 2 presents complete compositions by formal category, beginning with one-part forms; proceeding through binary, ternary, and rondo forms; and concluding with the sonata principle. The book includes more than 200 analytical graphs, an appendix on graphic notation, and a bibliography.