As women's studies departments and programs undergo rapid transformation in higher education, there has been a burgeoning demand for instructional material that addresses feminist and queer studies at all levels in the curricula. Feminist and Queer Theory: An Intersectional and Transnational Reader reflects this vibrantly expanding field and meets the urgent need for theory courses. Feminist and Queer Theory: An Intersectional and Transnational Reader is not simply a feminist theory text that includes queer theories; rather, it theorizes at the intersection of feminist and queer theories, and by doing so, transforms and reshapes the boundaries of the fields. The book invites students to think critically about the limitations of understanding feminist theory as separate, but tangentially related, to queer theory and moves them beyond transnationalism as "additive" to U.S.-centered intersectional perspectives. The book frames feminist and queer inquiry as being articulated through each other and within a global context. It also provide new voices--scholarly, activist, and creative--inside and outside the U.S. that are shaping the field and selections that highlight the importance of im/migration and borders as well as science, technology, and digital cultures.