Concise Guide to Critical Thinking

MR Lewis Vaughn
Oxford University Press, USA

Lewis Vaughn's Concise Guide to Critical Thinking offers a compact, clear, and economical introduction to critical thinking and argumentative writing. Based on his best-selling text, The Power of Critical.

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Thinking, Fifth Edition, this affordable volume is more manageable than larger textbooks yet more substantial than many of the smaller critical thinking handbooks. FEATURES * Six chapters on identifying, evaluating, and devising deductive and inductive arguments * A chapter on obstacles to critical thinking * Comprehensive coverage of inference to the best explanation * Extensive treatment of scientific reasoning, with chapters on inductive reasoning, causal arguments, scientific theories and inference, and scientific method and theory evaluation * Emphasis on evaluation of evidence, authority, and credibility * A chapter on fallacies and rhetorical persuaders * A substantial chapter on writing argumentative essays * Numerous exercises, including review questions, exercises for applying critical thinking skills, writing assignments and prompts, and self-assessment quizzes