Covering an extensive variety of grammatical constructions, A Little Latin Reader, Second Edition, is an ideal supplement for undergraduate courses in beginning and intermediate Latin. It presents vivid,.

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unadapted passages, each two to ten lines in length, drawn from the poetry and prose of various Classical authors and from inscriptions. The selections are arranged according to the specific points of grammar and syntax that they demonstrate. By introducing unadapted Latin at the earliest stage of language instruction, A Little Latin Reader helps students transition more easily from beginning and intermediate Latin textbooks to authentic Latin prose and poetry. The second edition includes eighty-one new passages and two new appendices--A Basic Guide to Paleography and The Roman Calendar. FEATURES * Selections are annotated and arranged for maximum classroom flexibility * Brief introductions to each reading provide students with narrative context * Extensive vocabulary notes below each selection enable students to read entire passages without consulting a dictionary * Twelve extended prose and poetry passages serve as a challenge for advanced students and a preview of further Latin study * Appendices contain short biographies of the authors included in the text; guides to Latin meter and epigraphy; an index organized by theme; maps of locations associated with the readings; a basic guide to paleography; and The Roman Calendar * Latin texts include macrons that aid students in correct pronunciation and in the recognition of difficult forms