World Religions Today

Founding Director of the Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding John L Esposito; Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies Darrell J Fasching; Murray Distinguished Professor of Arts and Humanities Todd T Lewis
Oxford University Press, USA

Revealing the significance of religion in contemporary life, World Religions Today, Sixth Edition, explores major religious traditions--Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, South Asian religions,.

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East Asian religions, indigenous religions, and new religions--as dynamic, ongoing forces in the lives of individuals and in the collective experience of modern societies. This unique volume accomplishes two goals: it connects today's religions to their classical beliefs and practices and focuses on how these religions have both radically changed the modern world and been changed by it. The book is enhanced by numerous pedagogical aids--text boxes, timelines, maps, illustrations, discussion questions, a comprehensive glossary of key terms, and suggestions for further reading--and more than 200 photographs. World Religions Today, Sixth Edition, is also available as two separate volumes: Religions of Asia Today, Fourth Edition: 978-0-19-064242-6 Religions of the West Today, Fourth Edition: 978-0-19-064241-9