Writing Clearly for Clients and Colleagues : The Human Service Practitioner�s Guide

Associate Professor of Social Work Natalie Ames; Clinical Social Worker Katy Fitzgerald
Oxford University Press, USA

If you have ever waded through a rambling case summary, a jargon-heavy program description, or a poorly organized training manual, you are aware of how important it is for human service agencies' written.

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materials to be clear and concise. Whether in print or electronic format, most agencies must provide information to a variety of audiences. Ames and FitzGerald have developed a guide to help human service professionals clearly communicate valuable information to board members, funding sources, volunteers, and-perhaps most importantly-clients with limited literacy skills. The book highlights how readers can apply readability guidelines to improve all of the print and electronic materials agencies use to communicate with internal and external audiences. Whether creating a brochure, sending an email, writing a grant, or documenting case records, human service professionals can make their messages clear and understandable by following the guide's simple rules and practical suggestions.