Research Methods for Social Workers : A Practice-Based Approach

Social Work Professor Samuel S Faulkner; Social Work Professor Cynthia Faulkner
Oxford University Press, USA

Samuel and Cynthia Faulkner have developed the perfect research methods text tailored specifically for social work students that illustrates how understanding research is valuable for success in evidence-based.

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agency practice. From the basics of research to practice evaluation, the authors carefully guide students through the complete process. They are able to connect abstract theory with practical applications, providing the skills necessary to become effective practitioners. The book introduces complex concepts such as qualitative, quantitative, and statistical methods; ethical issues in research; sampling; and measurement in a manner that students find readily accessible. What is most impressive about this new edition is that there is an additional 30% new or updated material. Developed in part from suggestions made by students and faculty who have used the previous edition, these improvements include content and instructional features that will remind you why this is one of the best research methods books on the market!