Crime & Criminology

Professor of Criminology Rob White; Professor of Criminology Fiona Haines; Associate Professor of Policing and Criminal Justice Nicole Asquith
Oxford University Press, USA

Crime and Criminology is an introduction to the causes of crime. The sixth edition explores the key theories to try and explain criminal behaviour in society, providing students with the opportunity to.

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evaluate how criminologists employ these theories in their analysis of criminological issues. This sixth edition has been thoroughly updated to include new examples and expand on the new directions in crime and criminology. The book includes learning features designed to engage students in theory and current criminological research by demonstrating how theory can be placed into a modern context or used to frame research. It will provide learning pathways beyond the theory, providing students with the skills to understand their own theoretical perspective and understand the social context, history and concepts behind criminological theory. New to this editionSignificant revision to key chapters: Expanded coverage of biocriminological and psychological positivismChapter 7: Feminist Perspectives Chapter 8: Realistic Approaches Chapter 9: Republican Theory and Restorative Justice A new chapter on Cultural and Postmodern Criminology.