Ethics Across the Professions : A Reader for Professional Ethics

Professor of Philosophy Clancy Martin; Dean for College of Arts & Sciences Professor of Philosophy and Medicine and Director of the Center for Applied and Professional Ethics Wayne Vaught; Quincy Lee Centennial Professor of Business and Philosophy Robert C Solomon
Oxford University Press, USA

The most up-to-date professional ethics reader available, Ethics Across the Professions: A Reader for Professional Ethics, Second Edition, analyzes the complex ethical issues that arise in such fields as engineering, finance, healthcare, journalism, and law. Featuring a wide array of both classic and contemporary sources, it ranges from works by Aristotle and Kant to selections by Michael Bayles, Sissela Bok, Paul Ekman, and Thomas Nagel. The book is organized topically and includes detailed chapter introductions, several practical case studies at the end of each chapter, and provocative discussion questions. The second edition includes reading and discussion questions for each article, fifteen new articles, five new cases, and an expanded chapter on philosophical ethics, including feminist ethics.