Constructing the American Past : A Sourcebook of a People's History, Volume 2 from 1865

Joseph a Gagliano Chair in American Urban History Elliott J Gorn; Distinguished Professor of History Randy Roberts; Professor and Chair Susan Schulten
Oxford University Press, USA

Now published by Oxford University Press, Constructing the American Past: A Source Book of a People's History, Eighth Edition, presents an innovative combination of case studies and primary source documents.

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that allow students to discover, analyze, and construct history from the actors' perspective. Beginning with Christopher Columbus and his interaction with the Spanish crown in 1492, and ending in the Reconstruction-era United States, Constructing the American Past provides eyewitness accounts of historical events, legal documents that helped shape the lives of citizens, and excerpts from diaries that show history through an intimate perspective. The authors expand upon past scholarship and include new material regarding gender, race, and immigration in order to provide a more complete picture of the past.