From the author of the best-selling Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations: From Prehistory to 640 CE, Second Edition (2015), Sources in Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations: Documents, Maps, and Images is.

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both a stand-alone sourcebook and a companion reader. FEATURES 133 lengthy primary sources in translation, 14 maps, and 133 illustrations give equal coverage to the Near East, Greece, Roman Republic and Empire, and Late Antiquity Rather than simply presenting undigested snippets of text, Sources in Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations provides fully annotated, longer text excerpts, edited for readability, sense, consistency, and flow Every chapter opens with a full-page map that sets the sources in geographical context, and each document is accompanied by a related image and commentary that establish its authorship, historical context, and significance Includes two chapters on topics not covered in any other sourcebook: "Accounts of the Creation of the Universe, Humans, and the Flood" and "Civilization beyond the Near East, Greece, and Rome"