Anthropology Unbound : A Field Guide to the 21st Century

Professor Emeritus E Paul Durrenberger; Writer and Journalist Suzan Erem
Oxford University Press, USA

Anthropology Unbound: A Field Guide to the 21st Century, Third Edition, demonstrates how viewing the world through an anthropological lens enhances our understanding of current topics like globalization,.

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the new economy, jobs and careers, world trade, the condition of inner cities, and racial and ethnic relations. It makes anthropology accessible and even fun, with examples from "driving the porcelain bus" as an illustration of negative utility to reading the tags on a classmate's shirt as a way to discuss why it was made in another country. Brief, accessible, and affordable, this updated edition offers a new user-friendly layout that includes fresh photos and multiple sidebars introducing new voices from anthropologists in the corporate world, the military, and more. It concludes with multifaceted opportunities for students to put anthropology to work both inside and outside of academia. New to This Edition * New sidebars contributed by various scholars* A new chapter on applied anthropology* New material on current issues throughout