Research Methods : From Theory to Practice

Associate Professor of Instruction and Assistant Chair of the Psychology Department Ben Gorvine; Karl Rosengren; Lisa Stein
Oxford University Press, USA

Research Methods: From Theory to Practice guides students through the entire research process-from choosing a research question and getting Institutional Review Board approval to presenting results at conferences and submitting work for peer review. KEY FEATURES *Provides students the practical skills needed to conduct their own research *Encourages critical thinking to help students become educated consumers of research presented in journal articles and the popular media *Considers the influence of rapidly changing technology on research methods, including statistical and neuroscience methods *"Inside Research" features personalize research by highlighting real-life examples of researchers working in a variety of fields *"Media Matters" features analyze and evaluate how a particular research study or general topic relevant to the chapter is portrayed in the media *Flowchart Figures present key concepts of the research process in a clear and simple visual overview