Practical Cisco Unified Communications Security guides you through securing modern Cisco UC environments that support voice, video, IM, and presence, and integrate real-time collaboration based on mobile/remote.

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access and BYOD. Leading Cisco collaboration experts Nik Smith and Brett Hall bring together knowledge and insights previously scattered through multiple sources, helping you understand both the "why" and the "how" of effective collaboration security in both new ("greenfield") and existing ("brownfield") deployments. Using the proven "Explain, Demonstrate, and Verify" methodology, they explain each security threat, walk through remediation, and show how to confirm correct implementation. Smith and Hall present a reference network design based on the Standard Cisco Preferred UC Architecture, and walk through securing each attack surface in a logical progression, across each Cisco UC application domain. Chapter summaries provide quick reference checklists, and the authors offer links to even more detail wherever needed.