The Modern Security Operations Center

Joseph Muniz; Moses Frost; Omar Santos

This is the definitive, vendor-neutral guide to building, maintaining, and operating a modern Security Operations Center (SOC). Written by three leading security and networking experts, it brings together.

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all the technical knowledge professionals need to deliver the right mix of security services to their organizations. The authors introduce the SOC as a service provider, and show how to use your SOC to integrate and transform existing security practices, making them far more effective. Writing for security and network professionals, managers, and other stakeholders, the authors cover: How SOCs have evolved, and today's key considerations in deploying them Key services SOCs can deliver, including organizational risk management, threat modeling, vulnerability assessment, incident response, investigation, forensics, and compliance People and process issues, including training, career development, job rotation, and hiring Centralizing and managing security data more effectively Threat intelligence and threat hunting Incident response, recovery, and vulnerability management Using data orchestration and playbooks to automate and control the response to any situation Advanced tools, including SIEM 2.0 The future of SOCs, including AI-Assisted SOCs, machine learning, and training models Note: This book's lead author, Joseph Muiz, was also lead author of Security Operations Center: Building, Operating, and Maintaining your SOC (Cisco Press). The Modern Security Operations Center is an entirely new and fully vendor-neutral book.