Profit Without Honor : White Collar Crime and the Looting of America

Stephen Rosoff; Henry Pontell; Professor of Sociology and Director of the Graduate Program in Criminology and Justice Robert Tillman

For courses in criminal justice, white-collar crime, criminology, law & society, social problems, and American culture. A lively storytelling approach to white-collar crime Witty and engaging, Profit Without.

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Honor: White-Collar Crime and the Looting of America paints a vivid picture of white-collar crime in the US today. Exposing discrepancies between personal gain and individual integrity, the authors examine high-profile cases, trends in criminal activity, and the victims and consequences of criminal behaviors. Colorful anecdotes and statistics spark interest and motivate students to keep reading. The 7th edition addresses dramatic new developments in the study of white-collar crime since the last edition, including dozens of cases of corporate and governmental abuses of power in our modern era.