Developing the Curriculum

William R Gordon; Rosemarye T Taylor; Peter F Oliva
Pearson Education

For undergraduate and graduate-level introductory courses in Curriculum Development, grades K-12. A practical, step-by-step guide of the entire curriculum development process Developing the Curriculum guides readers through all of the aspects of developing a curriculum-from the underlying principles and concepts to the roles of school personnel, the components of the process, uses of technology, and current issues that are shaping the field. The textbook includes both traditional and contemporary approaches to give readers a comprehensive, balanced look at the theories and evidence-based practices demonstrated to be effective curriculum specialists and instructional leaders. Now featuring a new lead author and co-author, the 9th Edition keeps readers up to date on the continually evolving field of curriculum development. A revised chapter on emerging digital trends helps future educational administrators understand how to incorporate online learning innovations into the curriculum. Updated content, research, and practices throughout reflect the current environment of rigorous standards implementation and accountability for student learning outcomes. These new features have lead to this text's nomination for the Writing and Research Award from the American Association of College for Teacher Educations (AACTE).