Fundamentals for Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur : From Business Idea to Launch and Management

Malin Brannback; Alan Carsrud
Pearson Education

This is the complete, up-to-date guide to creating a successful new venture. Using real-life examples, it helps you assemble every piece of the puzzle: you, your team, your opportunity, your business concept.

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and revenue model, your resources, and your successful launch, execution, and growth. The authors illuminate entrepreneurial mindsets, motivation, attitudes, and leadership, and cover the entire process of starting a company, from idea through your first four years of operations. You'll learn how to recognize, define, test, and exploit opportunities; transform ideas into revenue models that earn sustainable value; demonstrate viability to funders; establish a strong ethical and legal foundation for your concept; and build a thriving team to execute on it. You can use this guide's entrepreneurship techniques and approaches in many ways: to build a profitable new venture, to succeed as a self-employed professional, to make a non-profit or public agency more successful, or even to transform your current organization! Entrepreneurship: From dreams to outcomes Defining success for yourself--and achieving it Designing concepts for profitability and growth Planning your high-potential business, step by step Innovating in product/service development and marketing Delivering something new that your market will value Building your entrepreneurial venture, one person at a time Developing great teams--and avoiding common hiring mistakes Mastering the essentials of entrepreneurial finance Revenue models, financing options, metrics, and growth