AP Spanish 14 Preparing for the Language and Culture Examination Studentedition Grade 12


This edition provides extensive test preparation and practice in the same formats as will appear on the new AP(R) Spanish Language and Culture Examination. Power up your class with the AP Spanish Digital.

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Course on SuccessNet(R) Plus. You and your students get access all the time saving tools by purchasing the print Student Edition with Digital Course license or Student Edition eText with Digital Course license. eText (online Student Edition) compatible on mobile devices with embedded multimedia files Assignable test practice activities Auto-graded interpretive (reading and listening) Interpersonal and presentational writing tasks (emails and essay) Interpersonal and presentational speaking tasks using RealTalk! Downloadable audio files Teacher resources and options Choose the format for teacher resources that works for you: print, DVD, or downloadable (at no extra charge) from the Digital Course. Downloadable resources are accessed through the purchase of student products that include a license to the Digital Course. Teacher's Guide answer keys, scripts, and teaching support (in print or downloadable) Audio Program on DVD mp3 files for all listening activities (on DVD or downloadable)